Medical Log Point – Your expert in Nordic health care logistics

startbild_mlpMedical Log Point has specialized in taking care of the logistics of health care products, and we make sure that the right product gets to the right users on time. You can rely on that!

We have the complete logistics solution to manner the delivery in an efficient manner, all the way from our Nordic logistics hub to your customers’ users. What we deliver is a sophisticated, demand-driven supply system, which we will jointly define exactly how the flow should look like and in a way that gives you complete control – simple and visually presented. In this way you optimize your inventory, reduce your costs and enhance cash flow.

Straight into the department, when required

del2On time deliveries in the Nordic region. Unbroken cold chain, if required. Tailor-made solutions which increase accuracy and reduce cost. And we carry your shipment all the way to the clinic, department, or lab when needed. Or submit directly to the customer’s home.

We meet these requirements every day, thanks to our long experience of healthcare specific logistics requirements. During many years, we have worked in close cooperation with the most reliable shipping companies. Accuracy and cost control are advantages when you use our services. We guess that´s the way you want it!