Make health care logistics your competitive
advantage – in 3 steps!

Medical Log Point is your Nordic hub point in time, with full visualization of the flow to the customer for maximum control and efficiency. You can start your trip today:

Step 1.

In a few weeks, MLP can provide you with an Insight on how your current Nordic warehousing structure and supply chain performs. This is done in a Seeing-is-Believing pilot. You can stop at this level and continue to run the Insight service for a monthly fee.

Step 2.

Based on the first step, MLP can take over the Nordic planning functions from you at a lower cost and with a better performance compared with today’s situation. Step 2 requires Step 1.

Step 3.

When the time is right and the evidence on potential stock reduction from consolidating your warehouses is provided, you can move into MLP’s Nordic 3D-Log point™ warehousing concept. Step 3 requires Step 1, not Step 2.