Serving the global health care sector, delivering to the tightest deadlines and strengthening the environmental integrity of every MLP customer

At Medical Log Point we provide innovative solutions for any challenge, small or large and a personal service that encourages openness, transparency and long-lasting relationships.

Along with expertise in the demands of Health Care and Medical Device logistics, we offer an agile and intelligent resource designed to improve performance, reduce costs and minimise your carbon footprint. We are committed to improving your environmental integrity and creating a working environment that enables continuous improvement in everything we do.

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Integrated warehousing and transportation services

From our Nordic hub we offer tailor-made, time critical and temperature sensitive solutions and will carrying your shipment all the way to the clinic, department, lab or directly to the customer’s home if required.

We meet these requirements every day of the week, thanks to an in-house team of experienced and accountable professionals, all fully trained in stock control and management. We also offer customised warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled to your exact requirements. Our transparent cost structure means that you only pay for the services and warehousing you utilise and we’ll keep accounting easy and straightforward with all services, warehousing and transport on one invoice.

The Medical Log Point logistics model ensures your product is delivered from our Nordic hub directly to the end user;

  • Without intermediate storage
  • Without unnecessary reloading
  • Without expensive treatment

As you can imagine, we also have established relationships and work in close cooperation with the world’s most reliable shipping companies and that provides further advantages.

The advantages of outsourcing

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By bringing together several product owners’ flows within a joint logistic solution, you get a maximum cost-effective management and distribution.

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Cost Reduction
As third-party companies purchase transport services in higher volumes, more favourable prices can be expected compared to individual buyers.

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Cross docking
Higher degree of service due to inventory reduction and flow optimisation.

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Agility / Flexibility
The MLP logistics network provides the ability to respond rapidly and flexibly to changing customer demands.

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Third party logistics allows you to focus on your core business.